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ANITA 061.53.OC

1.600,00  ~ 12.055,20 kn s PDV
ANITA PIANTANA The outstanding balance of elegance in the art nouveau style and modern comfort make this collection a masterpiece

LOFT 269.08.OF

1.381,30  ~ 10.407,40 kn s PDV
LOFT PIANTANA C/SNODO 1 LUCE With their contemporary style, these iron indoor lamps are characterized by strong materials and refined


1.025,00  ~ 7.722,86 kn s PDV
MOLECOLA 275.11.OOT/275.11.NNR The Molecola collection of indoor lamps comprises a suspension lamp, floor lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp and table


1.468,80  ~ 11.066,67 kn s PDV
REPORTER PIANT. BRACCIO C/SNODO 1 LUCE The reporter indoor lamp collection offers a strong aesthetic impact. These lamps can create

SAINT TROPEZ Z3C1 Studio Klass

1.225,00  ~ 9.229,76 kn s PDV
S.TROPEZ FLOOR LIGHT Saint-Tropez is a collection of classy and versatile lamps. The idea conveyed by this line is to