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BY MARC SADLER Marc Sadler explores the infinite possibilities of Slamp’s technopolymers with Accordèon, conjuring the image of a textile plissé or an

Alba 466 – Silhouett

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Design Mariana Pellegrino Soto, 2018 The concept of Alba starts with a very simple element: the designer’s imagination was inspired


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ALCHIMIA 277.04.OOT An interplay of proportions and combinations, of dimensions, materials and shapes gives life to delicate refined lamps made


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ALMA 282.01.ON Matteo Cibic ALMA 282.01.NN A suggestive fusion of glass and brass, ALMA fits discreetly into contemporary settings, with intense


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The Amisol project is about making a pendant light that occupies a large physical space with a minimal physical volume,

ANITA 061.07.OC

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ANITA SOSPENSIONE PICCOLA The outstanding balance of elegance in the art nouveau style and modern comfort make this collection a


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BY ZAHA HADID Zaha Hadid’s luminous architecture is visionary, fluid and dynamic, infusing the revolutionary and iconic semantics of the


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BY LORENZA BOZZOLI Atmosfera lies at the apex of fashion and design, where light melds into fabric. The new collection of


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BY ZAHA HADID Zaha Hadid’s visionary, fluid, and dynamic luminous architectural objects bring the designer’s revolutionary and iconic semantics to any domestic


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A NEW CAPSULE COLLECTION BY ZAHA HADID 50 different layers of Cristalflex® cast-back light from the light source creating a playful and


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BARCHESSA SOSPENSIONE The minimalist and conceptual design of the Barchessa lamps’ collection made of iron, brass or copper, brings out

BON TON N1A1O Cristina Celestino

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BONTON PENDANT 3/4 BLACK Within this creative project simple shapes and different materials are superimposed to design lamps intended as