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SAINT TROPEZ Z3C1 Studio Klass

1.225,00  ~ 9.229,76 kn s PDV
S.TROPEZ FLOOR LIGHT Saint-Tropez is a collection of classy and versatile lamps. The idea conveyed by this line is to


1.095,00  ~ 8.250,28 kn s PDV
Design Mariana Pellegrino Soto, 2019 Amanita is a reading lamp by Mariana Pellegrino Soto consisting of two discs: the first, the slimmest, functions

Lyndon 160 i 160M

790,30  ~ 5.954,52 kn964,40  ~ 7.266,27 kn s PDV
Grlo: E27 Broj grla: 1 Max.snaga žarulje: 100W Napon / Frekvencija: 220-240V~50/60Hz IP zaštita: IP44, vanjska upotreba Tip svjetiljke: dekorativna

OTTO 329

933,40  ~ 7.032,70 kn s PDV
Design Federica Farina, 2019 Otto by Federica Farina, is a path-light with a soft, beguiling shape. The slim disc of the base

BORGO 244.08.ORB

662,50  ~ 4.991,61 kn s PDV
BORGO 244.08.ORT Craftmanship and careful research of the materials, combined with the latest illumination techniques, make the borgo collection as

Podna svjetiljka EKTOR2500/BEPPE400

397,40  ~ 2.994,21 kn s PDV
Grlo: E27 Broj grla: 1 Max.snaga žarulje: 50 W Promjer / širina (u mm) Ø: 480×3065 mm Napon / Frekvencija:

Marina 247.36.OO

393,80  ~ 2.967,09 kn s PDV
MARINA L20X14,5 H12 The desire to meet purely technical needs stands behind this collection of lamps, made of antiqued brass.

Stropna zidna svjetiljka CDR020204

44,06  ~ 332,00 kn s PDV
Grlo: E27 Broj grla: 1 Max.snaga žarulje: 6W Dimenzije (u mm): 160 x 100 x 67 mm Napon / Frekvencija:


325,00  ~ 2.448,71 kn s PDV
BY ADRIANO RACHELE The botanical cordless table lamp, complete with rechargeable batteries, can be easily moved from place to place, bringing soft


287,50  ~ 2.166,17 kn300,00  ~ 2.260,35 kn s PDV
BY MARC SADLER Marc Sadler was driven by the desire to move beyond the known and find a new compositional language while


208,34  ~ 1.569,74 kn229,16  ~ 1.726,61 kn s PDV
BY ARIK LEVY XS H. 29 cm -Ø27 cm Led included- WHITE AND BLACK S H. 35 cm -Ø33 cm

Podna svjetiljka GL11205

82,20  ~ 619,34 kn s PDV
Grlo: E27 Broj grla: 1 Max.snaga žarulje: LED 6W Promjer / širina (u mm) Ø: 125 x 800 mm Napon