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ALBA 382

8.250,00 kn s PDV
Design Mariana Pellegrino Soto, 2017 The concept of Alba starts with a very simple element: the designer’s imagination was inspired


12.657,00 kn s PDV
Design Mariana Pellegrino Soto, 2019 Amanita is a reading lamp by Mariana Pellegrino Soto consisting of two discs: the first,

ANITA 061.53.OC

9.233,00 kn s PDV
ANITA PIANTANA The outstanding balance of elegance in the art nouveau style and modern comfort make this collection a masterpiece


2.907,00 kn5.250,00 kn s PDV
BY FRANCESCO PARETTI Slim and refined, Bach is statuary, with elegant yet rigorous curves, bringing fluid, linear movement and illumination

BON TON N13A3O Cristina Celestino

6.329,00 kn s PDV
Within this creative project simple shapes and different materials are superimposed to design lamps intended as pieces of jewelry. The


4.500,00 kn5.250,00 kn s PDV
BY ADRIANO RACHELE This lamp has the extraordinary ability to adapt to any space while remaining quite true to its


8.719,00 kn s PDV
BY DORIANA AND MASSIMILIANO FUKSAS Charlotte was created from a world of illusion, from the challenge of turning a two-dimensional


7.125,00 kn s PDV
BY ADRIANO RACHELE Clizia is a series of shapes fit together to create a perfect balance of reflections and transparencies.

COUPE 3320/R

25.125,00 kn s PDV
Design Joe Colombo, 1967 The Coupé series, designed by Joe Colombo, was initially conceived as a variation of the Spider family, created by


2.344,00 kn s PDV
BY PAOLUCCI, STATERA Sculptural, dynamic, and modern, inspired by the iconic works of Brancusi. Diamond’s geometric design allows the light


8.063,00 kn s PDV
BY NIGEL COATES Suggestive, realistic and welcoming; Fiorella’s natural details conjure up a world covered in flora. Slamp’s expressive powers


10.213,00 kn s PDV
BY ZANINI DE ZANINE In a land kissed by the sun, nature, colours and artisan expertise bring life to highly expressive


12.188,00 kn s PDV
BY SLAMP CREATIVE DEPARTMENT Solid, yet fluid: the magical effect is created with an invisible steel frame hidden under layers

LOFT 269.08.OF

6.929,00 kn s PDV
LOFT PIANTANA C/SNODO 1 LUCE With their contemporary style, these iron indoor lamps are characterized by strong materials and refined


5.907,00 kn s PDV
MOLECOLA 275.11.OOT/275.11.NNR The Molecola collection of indoor lamps comprises a suspension lamp, floor lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp and table


16.407,00 kn s PDV
Design Vico Magistretti, 1983 Alongside Sonora and Atollo, Pascal perfectly describes the Vico Magistretti’s design aesthetics: extremely pure geometric shapes,

Podna svjetiljka CI-S6002-11

700,00 kn s PDV
Grlo: E27 Broj grla: 1 Dimenzije (u mm): 620*580*1500mm Napon / Frekvencija: 220-240V~50/60Hz Tip svjetiljke: dekorativna rasvjeta Žarulje uključene: Ne

Podna svjetiljka LOFT-107W-F

610,00 kn s PDV
Grlo: E27 Broj grla: 1 Napon / Frekvencija: 220-240V~50/60Hz Tip svjetiljke: dekorativna rasvjeta Žarulje uključene: Ne Boja: krom + beige

PT Doss

5.163,00 kn s PDV
Podna lampa Doss visine 160 cm. Izrađena je od metalnog postolja, šipka promjera 20 mm, postolje (baza)  i šipka lampe

PT Pier

5.163,00 kn s PDV
PT Pier Podna lampa Pier visine je 160 cm. Konstrukcija lampi sastavljena je od 3 metalne šipke kao tripod, zajedno

PT Sbalz

5.163,00 kn s PDV
Podna lampa Sbalz dostupna u dvije dimenzije, u visini 140 cm i 170 cm. Postolje lampe izrađeno je od hrastovine.


7.200,00 kn s PDV
REPORTER PIANT. BRACCIO C/SNODO 1 LUCE The reporter indoor lamp collection offers a strong aesthetic impact. These lamps can create


12.750,00 kn s PDV
Design Victor Vasilev, 2015 Making his debut with Oluce, Victor Vaisilev proposes the SUPERLUNA lamp project that was inspired by


17.344,00 kn s PDV
TYPHA TERRA/FLOOR The shape of the light module is inspired by the Typha latifolia, the botanical name of this beautiful